PAPAS Software

Professional Accountants Practice Administration System



The Secretarial Module is great for managing your Clients, like Close Corporations, Companies, Trusts, Individuals and more. Handle Client's Income Tax History with ease. Work out provisional taxes in bulk and print out provisional tax Forms. Process annual duties due in bulk and print out their Forms for submissions. Prepare Invoices via a standard charge for bulk annual duties and provisional tax directly into the Time and Billing module. Upload Client documentation to you Server for central access to your employees. Group your Clients and assign them to Consultants and Partners and decide to wich Revenue Office they belong to. Group Clients and use own defined descriptions for your Color Groups. Keep track of Revenue Offices and Registrar Offices Constact Persons and locations. The Secretarial Module also has excellent Notes management and can be queried either by notes made to the Client or Notes made by Employee. Keep trak of Documents you sent to Revenue/Receiver or Client and when you sent it.

Time and Billing

Time and Billing manages all your Employees Jobs assigned to Custom defined Productivity Codes, Chargeable and Non-Chargeable. Process Leave and Leave approval, Over/Under and Overtime hours. Do Bulk Invoicing, recurring Invoicing and Credit Notes. Process your work in progess with ease, write off Jobs to either Staff or Company, transfer Jobs or split them, add Disbursements or a Standard Charge. Credited Invoices have their Jobs released to work in progress for further processing. Close of Workdays and Wip Periods to make sure all defined hours for each staff member are accounted for. Define Budgets for your Employees and see/let them know how they perform. Time and Billing offers a wide array of Reports from Timecharge Analysis, Timesheets and more


The Accounting module seamlessly integrades with Time and Billing but also works as a Stand Alone product. Do Purchases and Purchase Returns, Invoices and Credit Notes, Payments and Receipts and Process Journals. Handle your Bank Recon easily by importing CSV files. Process Periodic Vat Returns and Access Detailed Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement Reports.


Do your Payroll in a breeze. Integraded with Time and Billings electronic leave approval. Deduction Codes, Earning Codes and Loans are able to cover a wide array of common Payroll needs.