PAPAS Software

Professional Accountants Practice Administration System


Accounting, Payroll, Secretarial, Time and Billing


Fast processing of Invoices. Excellent tracking of Client information & accounts


Manage time spent on clients. Budget Staff work Hours and Compare to Actuals.


Charts, Lists, Submission Papers, Exporting to Excel.


Our Services

  • In-Out board inclusive of Notes
  • Multi Company
  • Client Management
  • Bulk e-mail of Letters
  • Leave Module
  • Productivity Codes
  • Work in Progress
  • Open Invoices
  • Workday and WIP Close offs
  • Budgets and Productivity
  • Debtors and Creditor with current Balances
  • Bank and Cash Accounts
  • Purchases, Purchase Returns, Payments and Receipts, Invoicing and Credit Notes
  • Periodic Vat Returns
  • Payroll and integration
  • and many more....

Our Expertise

Papas Software was developed with Accountants for Accountants in mind. Although a lot of features are aimed at Accountants the Time and Billing module can handle any Business that charges work at an hourly rate. Papas Software includes a Payroll module wich can handle Montly, Weekly and Bi-Weekly Salaries. With the Accounting Module, managing Clients Accounts is done with ease. Prepare Statements and Invoices, Import Bank Statements for easy Bank Recons. Prepare Vat and Import Vat Returns. The Secretarial component can manage all your Clients secretarial needs, be it Income Tax and Provisional Tax History, PAYE, Vat and Import Vat Returns or comunication history wit you and your Client. Incorporated is an In-Out board to see wich staff member is at the office. Staff can apply for leave electronically and approves are done in a Breeze.

Our Quality

Papas Software is written with state of the art Design Tools and with the power of one of the best Relational Databases, your data is in secure hands. Offsite Backups can be setup and additionally remote access to your office can be achieved